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Mindy Dong, MHA 
Data Analyst

Working with you to change the world using data analytics


About Me

Greetings, readers! Allow me to introduce myself as Mindy, a determined data analyst with aspirations that know no bounds, hailing from the vibrant city of Dallas, TX. With over a decade of immersive experience in the dynamic realm of healthcare, I have traversed both clinical and administrative domains, acquiring a wealth of invaluable insights along the way. Currently, I find myself at the helm of a bustling orthopedic practice, overseeing a team that operates in the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare.

My journey into the captivating world of data analytics commenced during my undergraduate years, where I pursued a degree in psychology. It was during this transformative phase that I was captivated by the enchanting allure of working with data, harnessing powerful tools such as SPSS and Excel to unravel the mysteries they held. As I delved deeper into the process of data analysis, creating captivating visualizations and unveiling objective truths, I realized that my passion lay in the intricate tapestry of numbers, not in pursuing a career as a doctor, as I had initially intended. Embracing this newfound path, I set my sights on remaining in the healthcare sector, albeit on the administrative and leadership front. Fueling my determination, I went on to acquire a Master of Science in Healthcare Administration, fostering expertise in financial management, accounting, leadership, and the art of delivering compelling presentations.

Ever the eager learner, I embarked on a transformative journey to refine my analytical prowess by pursuing a Data Analytics Certificate at CareerFoundry. This immersive educational experience served as a crucible, honing my analytical techniques and deepening my understanding of the intricate methodologies that underpin data analysis.

What truly ignites my soul about the realm of data analytics is the opportunity it presents to uncover the elusive "why" behind every phenomenon. My true passion lies in unraveling the narratives that data weaves, utilizing them as the bedrock for informed decision-making. The immense power harbored within data has the ability to revolutionize businesses and enact monumental change. It is this unwavering desire to extract meaningful insights and leverage data-driven strategies that propels my unwavering pursuit of a career in data analytics.

As a data analyst, I possess a formidable arsenal of skills, well-versed in the art of maneuvering through spreadsheets with finesse, crafting visually captivating graphs utilizing Tableau, and deftly employing statistical techniques to unearth actionable insights. My extensive experience within the healthcare sector has forged my ability to navigate complex datasets and seamlessly navigate intricate systems. I possess an innate aptitude for synthesizing information from diverse sources, seamlessly identifying patterns, and drawing accurate conclusions.

In addition to my technical acumen, I am a fervent advocate for effective communication and collaboration. I grasp the pivotal role of translating intricate findings into accessible language and captivating visualizations that resonate with stakeholders from all walks of life. By fostering an environment of collaboration and partnership, I ensure that the pursuit of data analysis serves as a catalyst for well-informed decision-making, driving positive outcomes for the organizations I serve.

Embracing the exhilarating prospect of new horizons, I eagerly seek opportunities to harness my expertise in data analytics, paving the way for innovation, optimized performance, and the unearthing of untapped potential. If you are in search of an unwavering and results-driven data analyst, blessed with an insatiable passion for transforming raw data into actionable insights, I wholeheartedly welcome the opportunity to connect with you.

While data analysis fuels my professional ambitions, I also cherish the simple joys of life in my leisure time. Curling up with a captivating book, immersing myself in thought-provoking movies, and crafting delectable dishes in the kitchen all serve as cherished pastimes. And, of course, one cannot overlook my highly sought-after lemon blueberry cake, which has garnered quite a reputation!

Thank you for taking the time to delve into my world. I eagerly anticipate the prospect of collaborating with you, making an indelible impact through the fascinating realm of data analytics.




Mindy Dong, MHA

Dallas, TX


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